1st September 2008 – First event!!!

It’s been a busy couple of months since my last update and the Lancer has completed it’s first event! Before it got there a lot of work had to be completed.

Firstly, the remainder of the interior was put back in the car, this included the newly painted roll cage with padding, aluminium sheets over the back seat area to separate the boot from the main cabin area and plumbing for the hydraulic handbrake and proportioning valve. A new steering wheel was also fitted and some trim put over the aluminium area to cut down on the glare. The wiring was completed with a new mount for ignition kill and nitrous switches between the gear lever and handbrake and this was connected to an external power release cable so in the event of something going really wrong power can be cut from outside the car.

The final safety pieces were finished with a rear tow hook and stickers to label the location of the battery, kill switch and tow hooks. Hopefully this will satisfy the scrutineers when it goes for it’s log book check shortly.

The battery also had to be changed after going flat one too many times. It was about four years old and had been treated very poorly so I was not at all surprised when it died.

As the exhaust had been changed and the nitrous bottle warmer fitted, it was time to get it back on the dyno. The first thing noticed was that the mixtures were now noticeably different and the jetting on the webers had to be changed, this was most likely due to the different muffler design as well as sorting out an exhaust leak that was before the oxygen sensor and may have caused the readings to vary a little. Power output was almost identical to the previous tune but without the backfires and flames out the exhaust on deceleration.

Tuning under nitrous did not go as smoothly, firstly, we ran out of nitrous! With all of the testing on the first session, we only managed a handful of runs before it ran out and had to stop until the bottle could be refilled. Once it was refilled and the car back on the dyno, the fuel pressure dropped off and the mixtures went dangerously lean. Fortunately the run was aborted before any damage occurred to the engine but it was decided to stop tuning and do some changes to the nitrous fuel system before any further tuning.

Once home, the Lancer had a flat battery which puzzled me as the car had been on the dyno for a substantial amount of time and the battery was new. Further testing showed that it was not being charged and the cause was a faulty alternator. This was originally purchased as a reconditioned unit and I was not happy that it had died, however it was well out of the warranty date and was replaced with a brand new unit. In hindsight, this may of caused a loss of power to the fuel pump in the nitrous run and hence a loss of fuel pressure.

Another change that was recommended was the replacement of the ignition leads with some higher quality units as the ones on the car were not designed to fit the engine properly and were of unknown quality. New Magnecor ignition leads were custom made by Thundercords to fit in the spark plug holes in a much neater fashion, besides working better, they also look a lot better then the ones they replaced and cover the holes stopping anything from falling in.

One of the remaining items from when the car was still going to be registered was the fuel tank emissions equipment, this was removed and replaced with a tip-over valve and filter directly on the tank.

With a quick check to ensure everything was OK, the car was finally ready for it’s first event! More details to be placed in the event section shortly.


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