2nd July 2008 – Minor clearance issues

After getting the car tuned, I was keen to get the remainder of the interior completed including the harnesses. I purchased some harnesses and helmets and when I test fitted them in the car, I couldn’t sit up properly as my helmet was hitting the roof! This called for some serious work to be completed. The standard brace that the front of the seats mount to has been removed and replaced with some braced square tubing sitting 4cm lower then the standard setup. The legs on the back of the seat mounts have been reduced by the same amount to keep the angle the same. Whilst it doesn’t sound like a lot of work, it took a lot of effort to decide on the best method to use and then get it all removed and the new metal cut up and welded in properly.

A large number of small changes has been completed as well, the straight through muffler caused some problems on the dyno as any unburnt fuel ended up in rather spectacular flames when you backed off the throttle, this has now been replaced with a baffled design which appears to have resolved the issue. Bonnet pins have been fitted to meet safety regulations as well as the removal of the internal bonnet release. The front tow hook has also been fitted, the back one still needs to be worked out as I can’t find a convenient mounting location without cutting in to the bodywork. The battery has been moved to it’s final location where the rear seat used to be and the rear seat area has been blanked off with some aluminium sheets.

The interior floor has been repainted to cover the new seat and battery mounts, the roll cage has also been painted and is ready to be re-fitted to the car. A harness bar has also been fabricated and mounted on the back seat area and one new mount created for the lower harness mounts, the other lower mount is using the factory seatbelt location. The crutch strap mounts need to be sorted out once the seats have been modified to allow the straps to be used.

The gauges have been mounted in a new aluminium surround to replace the temporary wooden one that was used to ensure they all fitted and worked. The hydraulic handbrake has also been mounted with the adjustable proportioning valve, however they still need to be plumbed in to the brake lines. Speed bleeders have also been fitted to all callipers to allow for easier brake bleeding during and after events.

The nitrous bottle warmer and blanket have been fitted, however the warmer needs to be wired up to the new switch mount section in between the gear lever and handbrake. Once this has been fitted it will need to go back to Hi-Comp Performance Engines & Tuning for final tuning.

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