29th April 2008 – On the dyno!

After the best part of a decade of working on the car, it has finally hit the dyno. A number of issues had to be sorted out so that the engine was running properly. After giving up on the standard ignition and entirely new system was fitted with instant improvements in driveability and power. Some modifications were made to the carb linkages so that the carbs could be balanced properly and the cam timing was corrected after realising that the factory timing marks are now in the wrong location. A large amount of time was spent on the dyno sorting out these issues, running in the engine, tuning the carbs and ignition and finally tuning the nitrous. Unfortunately the lack of a nitrous bottle heater meant that we had to stop working on the nitrous as the bottle pressure was too low causing some odd mixtures. Once the nitrous heater is fitted and the car is ready to run, it will go back for final tuning. All of the work was completed by Hi-Comp Performance Engines & Tuning and I was very impressed with the work completed and would highly recommend them for any performance work.

I have taken a few videos of the Lancer on the dyno:

Running through the gears

Power run with carbs

Power run with nitrous

Pictured below (click on the picture for a larger picture to open in a new window) is a printout from the final dyno runs on carbs and on nitrous. The nitrous run shows the fluctuations caused by the low bottle pressure.

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