8th April 2008 – Running again, new exhaust and aligned!

There has been a fair amount of progress in the last couple of weeks, firstly the head was removed so that the oil leak from the headgasket could fixed. The head was cleaned up, vacuum tested and given a skim to ensure that the head surface is flat. It has all been reinstalled and the engine is running again without any leaks. Whilst re-assembling the engine, I paid a lot of attention to the cam timing as the method used is different to any other engine I have setup before. Unlike most other engines that have a “dot” on the cam gears that needs to be at the top of the gears or pointing towards the other gears these dots need to be a set number of gear linkages from each other. It also has marks on the cams bearing holders that can be used as well as being able to put the cam lobes at 20 degrees towards the centre of the engine. Using the 20degree method showed that the marks on the cam bearings that were used previously were not accurate. The engine is running much better then before the head gasket was replaced so I can only assume that the cam timing was incorrect.

Next the exhaust system was replaced, due to the issues with the previous system, it needed to be fully replaced which is rather frustrating as it was barely used! The new system is 2.5 inches with a single straight thru muffler and side exit pipe before the back wheel. The quality of the work is much better then the previous system and I am very happy with the way it fits. Whilst it was at the exhaust shop, I got them to fill the nitrous bottle and also bend the intrusion bars for the roll cage. All up it was a productive morning visit.

I have also had the chance to get a wheel alignment, previously you could see that it was out by looking at the wheels from outside the car. It has all been setup with the adjustable camber and castor strut tops plates set to give the best possible handling. Unfortunately there was not enough adjustment to get the settings I wanted, however, more components would be needed to get this additional adjustment. The fitment of these pieces will depend on how the car handles when it gets to the track.

Next on the agenda is getting the car to the dyno so it can be run in and the webers tuned. Whilst it is there, it will also have the nitrous setup and tuned. If all goes to plan, it will be completed in the next two weeks.

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