26th March 2008 – Lot of little bits done!

There has been a few weekends and nights work completed of late with lots of the little jobs completed and some major deconstruction! Firstly, when trying to work out the mounting of the gauges, I decided to replace all of the factory ones with Autometer gauges on a custom cluster plate. It has taken a considerable amount of time, but they are all in place and working with the exception of the speedo which requires some work with the sender. It has been completed in wood for ease of fabrication and changing, but it will be re-done in aluminium now that I know where everything will fit.

Whilst completing the wiring for the new gauges, I also wired up some extra relays for the Nitrous fuel system and the switches for the thermo fan, over temp light and Nitrous/RPM. They have been adjusted and are currently working OK. I also removed the centre console and relocated the kill switch to between the handbrake and gearlever which will allow me to mount the hydraulic handbrake on the transmission tunnel out of the way of everything else.

The radiator mounts have been redone to make it easier to take the radiator cap off and the ignition module and coil have been relocated to below the passenger side headlight to make more room around the carbs and dissy. The catch can has also been mounted and the oil pressure safety switch and gauge sender relocated to a mount on the strut tower.

The bad news is a minor oil leak that was evident when I first started the engine has turned in to a major oil leak from the headgasket and the head has been removed to rectify the leak. Currently the head is being checked and machined so it can be reinstalled with a new headgasket which will hopefully not leak this time around. I have also removed the rear section of the exhaust so it now ends just before the diff. It will eventually be replaced with a side exit pipe, but for now it stops the noises coming from the exhaust banging on the bell housing, floor and diff. Of course this is replaced with much more exhaust noise, but I can live with that.

The list of tasks to be completed before tuning is getting a lot smaller (except for having to refit the head…) which is great for the motivation, now I just need to find the time to use the motivation.

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