29th January 2008 – It Runs!…again…

After a few late nights and a couple of days with friends helping, the Lancer is finally able to move under it’s own power again! The fuel system is completed with all new lines and the fuel cell securely mounted. Inlet manifold is complete along with the nitrous nozzles and general nitrous plumbing. The only remaining work for the nitrous system is fitting the purge valve, mounting the full throttle switch and wiring up the switches and lights.

Whilst the engine is running, it is running very poorly and is in desperate need of a tune up. At this stage I have only adjusted enough to enable it to start and idle, although the idle is very high.

The next stage is to complete the nitrous system and mount the new gauges for oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature and tachometer. After that it can be sent off for tuning.

Here are some updated pictures (click on each photo for a larger image to open in a new window):


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