1st January 2008 – No room for the shopping!

After what seemed like a lifetime, the fuel cell finally arrived and has been mounted in the boot. It is in between the nitrous bottle and battery box, there is not a lot of room left for anything else in there! (click on each photo for a larger image to open in a new window)


The inlet manifold is 99% complete with only some tidy up work and some thread sealant to have it complete. Although there has been a lot of work in getting it complete, the final product is much better then the initial design and well worth the extra effort.

The nitrous solenoids have been mounted in the engine bay with plumbing of the lines partially completed, the main feed line needs to be run through the cabin in to the boot which will need to be completed after the fuel line bolts and replacement transmission cross member bolts so that the line is not damaged. Whilst it looks like it is getting close to a point where it can be started, there is a lot of little things that will take several hours each to complete and no doubt make it a long time before the engine runs again!

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