29th November – Quick Update

A substantial amount of work has been carried out since my last update, I have been lazy in updating this site of late…

Firstly, the engine and gearbox are now back in the car. After receiving the laser cut aluminium plates for the new inlet manifold, the initial work on construction of the manifold was completed before the engine was placed back in the car. This new design is similar to the old design, but as I have worked out all of the issues previously and obtained the basic shape with the laser cutting, it looks better and also locates the carbs in a more secure manner. It has also had the mounting holes for the nitrous nozzles fitted and the initial work on bending up the lines for the nitrous nozzles has been completed.

The fuel system is almost complete, the fuel cell is on order and should be here in a few weeks. All of the fittings have been sorted out and rubber lines fitted to the solid fuel lines that are now roughly mounted in the car. I am waiting for some fixings to arrive so it can be securely mounted in it’s final position then the wiring and stone shield for the pumps can be completed.

After a long search, I have finally found new front and rear windscreen rubbers and had them fitted to the car with a new front windscreen. This has made a large difference to the look of the car, it looks a lot more complete and I will now be able to take it places without having to worry about the weather. New door rubbers have also been purchased and fitted to replace the old weathered items. It is a great relief to have these parts fitted as I have been searching for them for a few years.

The replacement new-old-stock clutch cable was fitted, however, there is a difference in the cable length compared to the old cable and I will need to redo the firewall mounting point to accommodate the extra length.

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