4G35 Engine Specifications

The 4G35 is another much sort after engine in Australia for people modifying early Mitsubishi’s. The reasoning behind this is that whilst most of the components are the same as the 4G33 (1.4 litres) and 4G32 (1.6 litres) engine factory fitted, it has a larger capacity of 1.7 litres.

As I have managed to obtain a copy of the workshop manual for the Galant GTO, I have the factory specifications for two of the different 4G35 engines as fitted to the 1970-71 Galant GTO.

The factory specifications are below, all specifications in brackets are for the GS motor, which was more powerful then the standard motor.:

Engine Transmission Model 4G35-1-00A (4G35-1-40A)
Number and arrangements of Cylinders 4 in-line longitudinal
Method of cooling Water
Operation cycles 4
Combustion chamber type semi-spherical
Valve Arrangement Overhead valve type
Bore and Stroke 79 x 86
Total Displacement 1686
Compression ratio 8.5:1 (9.5:1)
Compression pressure 149psi @ 250rpm (164psi @ 250rpm)
Maximum output 105ps @ 6300rpm (115ps @ 6500rpm)
Overall dimensions 609 x 654 x 645 mm (609 x 666 x 560 mm) (L x H x W)
Engine weight with accessories 117 kg (119 kg)
Piston type solid
No. of piston rings 2 (compression) 1 (oil rings)
Valve timing Intake opens – B.T.D.C. 32º
Valve timing Intake closes – A.B.D.C. 60º
Valve timing Exhaust opens – B.B.D.C. 63º
Valve timing Exhaust closes – A.T.D.C. 29º
Valve Clearance Intake – 0.15
Valve Clearance Exhaust – 0.25
No-load speed rpm 800 to 850
Starting method Starting motor type
Blow-by gas removing system Closed
Ignition method Battery ignition
Ignition timing 5º B.T.D.C. @ 800 rpm (13º B.T.D.C. @ 800 rpm)
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Ignition coil type TB63
Distributor type TVG- 4ER (TVG- 4CR)
Performance of spark advancer Centrifugal type – 0º/600rpm, 23º/2400rpm (0º/500rpm, 15º/1600rpm)
Performance of spark advancer Vacuum type – 0º/60mmHg, 20º/250mmHg (0º/70mmHg, 17º/210mmHg)
Spark plugs Type – BP6ES (NGK)
Spark plugs Thread – 14mm
Spark plugs Plug Gap – 0.7 to 0.8mm
Carburettor Type – Stromberg type with idle limiter (Twin)
Carburettor Model – 28-32DIDSA-6 (28-32DIDSA-A1)
Carburettor Gas valve diameter – 28mm & 32mm
Carburettor Venturi diameter – 21mm & 27mm
Carburettor Choke type – Manual choke type
Fuel pump Diaphragm type
Oil pump type Trochoid pump type
Oil capacity 4.0 litre

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