1st September 2009 – Roll cage almost done

After some busy nights in the garage, the rear end was tacked in to place and the car was ready to go to a friends place to install the roll cage. A lot of cutting and welding and it is almost complete with only a few bars and a lot of welding left to have it completed.


The front mounts for the IRS cradle where also completed. The design was changed so that the front of the cradle was cut off and new mounts made to line up with the front leaf spring bolts on the chassis. New rails were also installed from the new rear crossbar to the existing chassis rails next to the front mounting bolts. The old rails still need to be trimmed and boxed in as well as some additional bracing on the cradle and final welding of the rear cradle mounts.


The next couple of weeks is targeted on completing the remainder of the roll cage and rear cradle work before moving on to the next item in the very long list of things to do.

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