24th August 2009 – Progress.. sort of…

Whilst it might not look like it, some progress has been made on the car. To the untrained eye it looks like it has been stripped down to nothing, which in reality is a correct observation, but it has allowed for some significant work to be completed.

Firstly, a rough design of the engine mounts has been made. They need to be removed and duplicated with some minor changes but at least the engine is sitting in it’s correct location and I can see where I will be having clearance and fitment issues of other parts. The gearbox mount is sitting on the cross member waiting for the minor mods needed for it to bolt in place.

Secondly, the roll cage construction has started. The main hoop, windscreen bar and front legs have been bent up and a number of lengths of pipe supplied for the rest of the bars to be made. All things going to plan, this should be completed in the next few weeks with a fairly large amount of assistance from a good friend.

Thirdly, and perhaps most destructively, after countless hours of measuring and generally thinking whilst laying underneath the car I finally got stuck in to installing the IRS setup

 Firstly cut out the floor as the spare wheel well was in the way. As a bonus, it gave a heap more room for seeing what was going on and doing other work.

This is the part of the car that was causing the most concern. The rail dips down towards the front of the car rather quickly, the upper arm of the IRS (marked with the liquid paper) setup wants to occupy this space so it had to go.


Marking for the height and wheel centre line for initial locating, chassis points will be used for the final location.


Out with the live axle, leaf spring setup.


Now to get this in place.. the rhs bolted to the diff pinion is to hold it at the correct height when under the car. That way the shell can be lowered in to place without having to worry about supporting the cradle.


Cradle sitting roughly in place showing more rhs holding up the back of the cradle. The shell was hitting in several places at this point and they were marked for cutting once the cradle was moved out of the way.



In the middle of this pic you can see the rubber stopper for the diff nose on the original setup, it had to be removed to allow the new diff to sit in place. as the cradle going over the diff was too tall.


Lots of missing chassis rail. It will need to be duplicated further towards the middle of the car.



Now that the cradle was roughly in place, it was time to test fit a wheel, might need to fit those bigger flares.



Dummy fitted a cross brace behind the cradle, mounts will be made to line up with the cradle area where the rubber mounts are usually fitted. These have been removed and a plate will be welded across the top for the chassis brackets to be bolted to.



The front mounts will be similar, brackets welded to the chassis rails and plates welded across the old rubber mount sections


Got a tight deadline on this, the car needs to be on the trailer Saturday morning to go and install the rollcage. Going to be some noisy nights in the shed this week!

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