Cooling and exhaust

The factory radiator was going to be an issue, so an alloy item was fitted on an angle, yet to come is ducting to ensure as much air as possible is forced to go through the radiator and not allowed to go around it.


The exhaust was alos custom, all the way from the head to the side pipe. It has a slide on collector so we can play with pipe lengths later on.

0167  0168  0165

The ugly factory steering column had to go, it looked very much out of place and wasn’t in an ideal position. The custom shaft is much neater and better located.

0169  0171

As all of the plumbing needed to be custom made, AN fitting were used. This allows for easier manufacture of the lines and easier removal/installation when working on the car. The downside is the increased cost over rubber hoses.

0181  0175

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