Throwing stuff out and putting stuff in

Now that the engine was looking good, I put in the fuel system I had left over from the unfinished project (40litre foaned filled fuel cell, carter lift pump and walbro EFI pump in a surge tank)


And removed the pesky interior that was never going to stay. Fortunatley another Commodore loving person wanted the greeness and it went to “a good home”


Now that there was some space inside the car, the old interior was replaced with a floor mounted pedal box and Racetech seat


Finally some mounts to fix the engine and box in place properly were fabricated. Unfortuantley this showed that the extractors designed for a Nissan S13 chassis didn’t clear the rail and floorpan of the Commodore so they had to go and a making a new custom exhaust was added to the to-do list.

0054 0055

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