Starting on the new chassis

First thing to do with the new car was to get it on the scales and see how close the internet was to its real weight. Complete with it’s “173” 6 cylinder motor (2.85litre), 4 speed gearbox and everything else that is normally on a road car.


I was told it wasn’t running because of carby issues, I didn’t question this as I had no intention of using the drivetrain, but though I would have a quick look at getting it to run so I didn’t have to push it around. Turns out it had no spark, throttle cable was disconnected along with a heap of other vacum and fuel hoses that went to a bone dry fuel tank. So to make it easier to push around, it went from this:


To this


And this was sold to some Commodore loving person


Since I had an empty engine bay, it was time to see how the SR20VE engine fitted in: (Note that the lower section of the sump had to be removed to clear the reinforcing bars on the K frame.)


With the booster and master cylinder removed, I could fit the inlet and exhaust manifolds. The engine is only roughly in place at this point and needs further alingment tweaking before any mounts can be made.

0031  0028

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