Progress on front suspension

After some serious time in the garage, the Lancer is finally back on it’s own suspension and rolling again (assuming you ignore the facts that the front guards and rear wheels can’t be fitted and the front “shocks” are sections of RHS)

The main bars running from the main cage front legs down to the front of the chassis rail have been fitted, this took a lot of effort and measuring to make sure that they are symmetrical as they will be holding up the suspension loads. This has allowed me to fit up the steering rack, suspension arms and hubs and bolt on some wheels to check how everything fits. There are some clearance issues that will need to be resolved, the big one is that the upper inner guard sections that hold the guards in place need to be much smaller, I was planning on keeping these in place to reduce the amount of work required but they will now be removed. The good part is this should reduce some weight out of the car.


As the remaining work in the front end requires the engine to be in place for clearance checks, the firewall has been cut to allow the engine and gearbox to sit in place. When they are placed in there, it might start looking like a car again!

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