Quad throttle bodies

In the picture of the engine, you may have noticed that the inlet manifold was pointing in the wrong direction for a RWD setup. The two obvious options to resolve this was to either modify the stock manifold to put the throttle body at the other end of the plenum or get a custom inlet manifold made up. Whilst I was looking at different options, a friend came over with a TWM Inductions quad throttle body setup designed for a H22A Honda engine so we could see if they could be made to work. As they were made for a H22A Honda engine, they didn’t bolt straight on but the ports are very close in size so a suitable adapter plate to match up the two was required. I sent off the quads and stock manifold to another friend and he sent me back this:

Excellent work and it fits exactly like it should. It still needs a bit of work on port matching and correct bolts/studs, but it does mean that the quads are bolted on to the engine now.

The only fitment issue I have noticed so far can be seen in the pic below, underneath the masking tape is a coolant passage that has a 10cm or so piece sticking out that no longer fits. I’ll have to get something fabbed up to route the coolant and mount the temperature sensor on. Not a big issue, just something to add to the to-do list.

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