Purchase details

As you may have noticed with the pictures posted a couple of weeks ago, there has been a number of changes once again to the car. I’ll go through the main ones and try to make sense of the bits hanging about the garage.

Perhaps the smallest changes amongst the parts are the tubular lower control arms. They were needed to allow the easy fitment of shocks not intended for an MX5. They are also lighter than stock so apart from cost, it was an easy choice to get them.

The 2nd and last pictures show some front end parts that are “maybes” for being used and still require a fair amount of effort before I will know if they will be suitable. They are primarily S13 Nissan front suspension with Nissan R33 front brake callipers and rotors with a Nissan R31 steering rack. The work on fitting the MX5 rear end needs to be completed before this can start so I don’t end up with two major parts of the car being cut up at the same time.

Number 3 picture is a pedal box with adjustable brake bias, I was running out of space to fit the brakes and clutch master cylinders in the same space that the inlet manifold was so a solution was needed. This particular setup pivots from the floor and has the master cylinders under the driver’s feet. The added bonus of this style of pedal box is that I will be able to make it adjustable to cater for different height drivers should it be needed.

Finally, and probably most interesting, is the new engine that I have purchased. It is an upgrade from the existing SR20DE engine to a SR20VE engine which comes with 204bhp from the factory and a much better valve train setup for reliability at higher revs. The plan was to upgrade to this style of engine at some point in time and when I saw this brand new engine for sale, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. As the SR20VE is only available in front wheel drive, a solution to make up the gearbox was needed and I had some good fortune in finding an adapter plate and gearbox to change it to rear wheel drive. The gearbox has an L-series Datsun casing, Nissan SR internals and 1st to 3rd gears replaced with Hollinger close ratio replacements. The combination of engine and gearbox should have the car moving along a bit faster than the old setup and leaves a lot of room for more power when the need arises.

As you can tell, there is a lot of work to be done!

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