Minor repairs.

After a couple of weeks of waytoohottoworkonacarinthesun weather, I got a couple of hours today before the rain to have a look at this. I changed over the Sparco drivers seat for a Racetech fiberglass one that I purchased last year and fitted an eBay spec 2.5″ mandrel bent exhaust. We should be able to hear the engine now, it was barely audible amongst all the other noises when going fast on the dirt. I had a quick look at the rear suspension and found a few things that need fixing, the minor ones are the panhard rod and sway bar link rubbers are gone, a bit more problematic are the shocks which are gone after two events. I’ve got some stiffer springs to go in when I work out what shocks to use. I had hoped to use some vertical springs with a sedan diff to get them working better than the 45degree wagon ones, but the chassis rails are in the way so that’s not going to happen. I’ll see what good quality shocks are available for the wagon and go from there.

I’ve got an auto trans cooler from a mate that I want to fit to try and solve the overheating issues before going to the effort of an engine oil cooler. If I get ambitious I might even change the oil and filter.

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