Survived the first real event

Gave the wagon a workout at Hampton yesterday and it came home straight and running which was a pleasent suprise 🙂

Got a few things to do to make it a little better for the next event. Firstly, the LSD needs to be shimmed up and put in. It’s too hard to turn it in on the tighter corners, the long wheelbase and welded diff is not a good match. Secondly, it tramps like a bitch way too much. Got some idea’s on getting the shocks to work better and then put in better shocks to help some more. Thirdly, it got a little warm a couple of times and the oil light came on towards the end of the faster runs at the end of the day. Going to flush out the cooling system and add an oil cooler. Extra oil capacity can’t be a bad thing. Finally, and most importantly, it needs to be louder! I’ve been getting a lot of complaints that they couldn’t hear the car coming so we will have to do something about that!

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