Broken diff

I moved the car today with the intention of bleeding the brakes and fitting rally tyres in preparation for next weekend, however, when I did that I noticed that the diff wasn’t acting like a welded one anymore…

So I got out the angle grinder and welder to make up a ghetto diff housing spreader.

Worked OK but could use a different method for the “spreader” bolt.

Now that the housing was spread apart, the centre came out and was dismantled. No big suprise that there were bits of metal everywhere, but it was a suprise that none of the welds had broken. As I didn’t pull the centre out of the car to weld it last time, only one of the gears was welded to the housing, it appears that the play in the other gears has caused greif and the departure of some teeth inside the centre.

You can see the damage the loose bits of metal did to other parts of the diff

I had already decided to dodge up the diff as much as possible so I can make it to Hampton next weekend so I cleaned up the crap out of the centre and broke out the welder. Hopefully it will stay still this time and not break anymore teeth. There is definetly less play between the wheels now compared to when it was first welded.

I’ve organised a replacement LSD diff which I will shim up real tight and use to try and avoid any more damage.

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