Introduction to the Rally wagon

Thought it was about time I put up a thread on the khana wagon.
For the past few years my wife and I have been having a bit of fun driving in Khanacross at Hampton NSW in various cars, this is the current one after the last Commodore ended up on it’s roof.

Whilst I was keeping an eye out for a cheap Commodore sedan, a friend let me know about a work colleague of his selling a VS Commodore Wagon cheaply. A midweek after work trip to Canberra and back and we had the new rally wagon.

It has been sitting around for a while and was real dirty, I don’t like working on real dirty cars so I hit it with the high pressure hose.

It turned out cleaner then I thought it would and I can now lean against it without getting dirty. The towbar comes in handy for moving stuff around the yard 🙂


First on the agenda was removing most of the interior, the dash and door trims stayed as they are too much effort, the rest went and one of the Sparco’s from the old Commodore went in to the drivers side. I then broke a few ribs and that is how it stayed for a few months….

Coming back from injury, I had a bit of a look at the mechanicals and replaced a few front rubbers, front shocks and brake pads all with stockish stuff to stop the real bad noises. Most of it was “in-stock” from the last car, so no real expense so far.

Given how the last car ended, I thought a bit of safety wouldn’t go astray and then I heard about someone selling a used roll cage. I ended up bringing this home with the intention of fitting it in.

The rear legs needed replacing to fit the wagon but as I was working out how far to go with adding bars, a full cage came up for a good price and so the interior of the wagon now looks like this:


Still a few bolts and some padding to go, but it is mostly in there.

Still to go before it hits the dirt are:

Sumpguard – under construction at the moment. I was given one with the cage but it didn’t go straight on as it came off a pre-ecotech car and the sump is different
Rear suspension – upper arms and shocks to be replaced as they are gone
Diff – needs mig wire inserted
Interior – harnesses to be fitted, gear indictor panel and a few other bits tidied up so they don’t rattle about
Hydraulic handbrake – got one sitting here, need to mount and plumb it in
Service – replace the fluids and put in some new plugs, probably been a few years since they were done.
Fit some rally tyres that I have sitting about

And that should be about it, no mechanical mods at all, just lots of cheap fun

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