18th October 2008 – Oran Park Day/Night Supersprint – state round

The Lancer’s first proper track event was a very nervous time, with a very untested combination and a track that I had never driven on, I was unsure how the day would go. I was very relieved to be invited to attend a driver training session that was being held in the morning before the supersprint, it would give me a chance to get used to the car and track without the pressure of other cars going for fast lap times around me.

The day started off well, the car was performing as expected and with the assistance of the trainers, I was getting used to both the car and the track. Unfortunately, as the day went on and I started pushing a little harder, a couple of problems started showing up. Firstly, the back suspension was not working properly on the high speed corners and it was difficult to get the power to the ground without a lot of oversteer. Secondly, all of this rear end movement caused the LSD to start to spin the inside wheel instead of both wheels, making it even hard to accelerate out of corners. Thirdly, and most disturbing on the day, there were some rubbing noises when cornering that at first where very barely noticeable but got to the point that I decided to finish the day early so I didn’t cause any major damage as at that point, I had no idea what was causing the noises. Updates on the damage and fixes can be found on the current status pages.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Lancer on the track (finally!)


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