31st August 2008 – Oran Park Motorkhana

Being the first event for the Lancer, I was very nervous and wondering what was going to go wrong. I didn’t have to wait long to find that a minor knocking noise was now a major noise on the bumpy pit area and was picked up in scrutineering as suspension movement. After some panicked moments, we found that the top nut on the passenger side front strut was very loose and allowing the strut to move around a substantial amount. With the assistance of some fellow competitors, it was tightened up and the noise was gone.

On to the racing and besides the very wet conditions causing a lot of mud in the pit area, everything went smoothly. The car was performing very well and I was having a lot of fun getting used to the way it handled, especially the hydraulic handbrake. As the day continued, there was an occasional misfire and as a precaution I changed the spark plugs which where showing some signs of fouling up. The fanbelt was also showing signs of slipping and at the end of the day was squealing for a short while when the engine was first started. Fortunately these minor issues did not stop me from finishing the event and claiming first in my class!

One further issue occurred when a friend took the Lancer for a test drive and it came back with the hydraulic handbrake moving about with two broken mounts! It seems he is used to a handbrake that needs a lot more pressure and found the limits of the mounting points! It was temporarily fixed to enable the day to be finished.

Here are a couple of quick video’s of the day, the quality is not great as they were taken with a digital camera, but they do give a good idea of how the car performed on the day


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